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Verification IP

Verification IP

GLS Verification IPs (VIPs) provide customers fully configurable VIPs to test their RTL Designs with various protocols. GLS VIPs come with full technical support to assist the customer in anything needed w.r.t our VIP and/or test suite.

All Verification IPs are fully configurable, giving the user complete control on creating stimulus or monitoring the output of their RTL designs.
Work with all industry-leading digital simulators.
GLS Verification IPs come with the following :
  • User Manual – gives details of how to use and integrate the VIP.
  • FAQ – frequency asked questions.
  • A comprehensive test suite to save verification time of the RTL design of the customer.

GLS Verification IP (VIP) Portfolio

Ethernet 100 / 400 / 800 Gbps
PCIe 5.0
USB 4.0

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