Third Party Inspection (TPI) 



“Third Party Inspection” services from Goldenlight Solutions help you to reduce risk and ensure quality.
Our “Third Party Inspection” Services Team offers you to ensure your products, processes and operations exceed the market regulations and the standards required.

Goldenlight Solutions – “Third Party Inspection” services

Goldenlight Solutions "Third Party Inspection" services include

Incoming Inspection (Pre-production Inspection)
In-process Inspection (During production Inspection)
Final Inspection (Pre-shipment Inspection)
Consignment Inspection
Goldenlight Solutions (GLS) is an Independent “Third Party Inspection” Services Company. GLS works on behalf of valuable customers, as a Quality control partner by executing the job of inspection with high commitment, transparency, impartiality and integrity.

Goldenlight Solutions – “Third Party Inspection” services

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  • Automotive Parts manufacturing Units  (Precision components, Sheet metals parts, Fabrication, Die casting, Plastic molding)
  • Aerospace Parts manufacturing Units  (Precision components, Sheet metals parts, Fabrication, Die casting, Plastic molding)
  • Power tools Parts manufacturing Units (Precision components, Sheet metals parts, Fabrication, Die casting, Plastic molding)
  • Die- Casting and machining units
  • Plastic molding units.

Services Offered “Third Party Inspection”

Supplier Quality Enhancement System

Supplier Quality Enhancement System is established in manufacturing operations to ensure that the end product meets the defined specifications.

It’s in an organization’s  interest to ensure that its service providers and material suppliers are providing the highest quality products and services while conforming to established requirements. This is often accomplished by  use of supplier quality management system (QMS)

Supplier quality management begins with  product design and supplier selection .

“Third Party Inspection”

Consignment Inspection

Pre-shipment inspection is conducted prior to shipping of the products.

  • To check the quantity and quality
  • To check products for any defects
  • To ensure products meet the safety requirements

“Third Party Inspection”

Incoming Inspection

Incoming Inspection, also commonly referred to as a receiving inspection, validates the quality of purchased raw materials, parts or components based on set acceptance criteria. Quality assurance personnel perform the inspection in the manufacturing facility to resolve quality issues during pre-production. In general, the organization does not have to inspect everything, but under Clause 8, we Goldenlight Solution will assist you to assess both internal and external influences) in formulating and implementing a Quality Management System.

“Third Party Inspection”


Final Inspection

Final inspection is conducted at the final stage of the manufacturing process to ensure the end product meets the defined specifications

“Third Party Inspection”

In process Inspection

In process inspection in manufacturing refers to inspection at any point along the production cycle. This is conducted to check the parameters of each section of the process and to ensure they are mating  with customer requirements.

There are typically 3 types of intervals which decides when an in-process inspection is necessary. These include:

  1. Time-based intervals:Inspected every 2 hours or 2 days depending on the manufacturing part process time
  2. Quantity-based intervals:Equipment is checked after a certain amount of output (Ex. In process inspection for every 5 units produced)
  3. Freely-defined intervals:Discretionary, can be done at any time,  based on intuition

In-process  inspections helps in corrective actions when manufacturing is still in progress

“Third Party Inspection”


      “Third Party Inspection”

  • Precise identification of defective parts.
  • Rework reduction ( benefits man, machine hour including management’s time with respect to their visits to customers place for meetings on Quality issues ) and effective resource utilization.
  • Reduction of repeated handling of parts
  • Focused status of performance trends
  • Root cause identification and corrective/preventive action in time with effectiveness monitoring
  • Mistake proofing wherever possible, as it is quality proofing process
  • Productivity Increase
  • Establishing Quality consciousness at all levels in the organization.
  • Unbiased inspection.
  • Increase in orders due to performance improvement.


 This ensures improvement in PPM performance, protects supplier from Quality Risks ,  Improves  Cycle time and reduction in Liability claims.

Goldenlight Solutions – “Third Party Inspection” services

“Third Party Inspection”



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