Philosophy of GLS:

On our path to Guide Companies in Implementing, Achieving and Maintaining Standards we foresee ourselves to become India’s largest and Finest Organization in the spectrum of Knowledge Solutions.

We started Goldenlight Solutions division of QMS because we strongly felt that every company in India should have access to Implement Quality Standards, Reduce risks, Expand Business and, to improve current and future performance of their Company, Maintain Broader Vision and Knowledge Enhancement.

All this at a fair price – something we always thought was just not happening.

Hence with GLS, we want to bring you the vast learnings of all our Qualified and Tenured Professionals, Auditors and Trainers to share and assist you with all their Experiences so that you reach your goal of not just attaining the Quality Implementation but also have a controlled and predictable Sustenance Year on Year

Our rigorous Marketing Support, Assessments, Elaborate and Effective training with detailed Guidance shall enrich you to implement the most coveted BUSINESS EXCELLENCE at a faster pace with less turnaround time.



GLS’s medical device Consulting and training services shall assist your company to steer the complications of Indian and International medical devices wrt to Standards, Compliances and Regulations of your products for an eased Global Market Access.

As one of the best Independent 3rd party Services, Consulting and Training organizations with a global network of highly qualified auditors,

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In this Pandemic times we have seen major fire accidents occurring in Hospitals, High rise buildings and Healthcare Centers due to minor errors, and these accidents resulted in huge losses not only to Property but also to many lives and hence at GLS, we now offer a broad portfolio of Training and Solutions to Hospitals and Healthcare Centers.

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Globally, it is assessed that around 25% deaths befall due to contamination and adulteration of food and water. Nearly 30-50% of the food borne diseases go overlooked in our country resulting in reduced productivity in work and manhours.

Also, As we all know that every food business operator who manufactures Food Products and sells it in India will now have to bear the logo and a 14-digit registration or license number of the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) which must be printed on food packages registration or license number – Indicating even government has taken the responsibility to getting to the fundamentals and is being conscious of the food safety and causes of contamination for our day to day life which is very essential and is of utmost importance

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With a network of around 75+ highly qualified-tenured Auditors and Trainers spread across PAN and Global Market, Programs of GLS are,

  • Customized and Comprehensive as per the latest trends and Market sensitivity
  • Conducted under the capacity of In-house and Open houses
  • Industry specific as per requirements
  • Personalized LMS friendly for integration


Designing products as per EMI EMC compliance


Quality Improvement Services

These highly effective comprehensive trainings are targeted towards Quality Improvements and

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Newer renewable electricity sources are expected to grow massively in the coming years, with India near about doubling its large wind power capacity and Increase of its Solar power by more than 15 times.

As per sources via Google searches, Overall, renewable electricity, which is on a constant growth curve, is predicted to grow by 1 200 GW by 2024, this is the equivalent of the total electricity capacity of the US. Industry experts predict that the US will double its solar installations to four million by 2023

India is on its path to become one of the newest hotspots for Renewable Energy Investors

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It is a known fact that Aerospace industry must meet the highest levels of safety. It doesn’t matter if you are a Manufacturer or into designing of parts catering to the industry or are into repair and maintenance of the same it is highly imperative that you get certified by an Internationally recognized standards to prove that your company assures Quality of the best levels. Simply put Aerospace Industry is a part of a Global Network and the safety parameters you input sets you apart in the worldwide competition and ,also, ensures you the best customers.

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With growing demand and policy support by Govt, India, with its significant cost advantages, may emerge as Global Manufacturing hotspot for Automobile Industry. With more and more reforms expected in the coming years it is predicted there can be positive upward curve in FDIs.

Commendable growth of income in the Indian Middle-Class sector and Increase of buying power of the youth adds to a high demand to this Industry.

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