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Golden Light VLSI Offering Online Training of VLSI


VLSI technology is gaining progress and developing at a quick pace. It has led to a reduction in the size of the semiconductors ensuring improvement in efficiency and effectiveness. The demand for VLSI professionals is surging rapidly. It is a way of generating integrated circuits by connecting numerous transistor-based circuits into the single chip.


Selecting a suitable institute for VLSI training is a challenging task as there are plenty of institutes available in the market offering training in VLSI. Most of the coaching centers do not focus on the fundamental questions in VLSI; thereby, graduates of these institutes cannot answer even the basic questions.


VLSI training comprises of a wide range of courses starting from the conception level to the final verification. Golden Light VLSI is an institute that offers training and placement services to working professionals and fresh engineering graduates. It provides industry-standard training in the pocket-friendly budget. It has a provision of both online and offline classes. The trainers in the institute have the desired experience in the VLSI industry.


The willingness of students to acquire knowledge and the nature of the study environment are essential for making learning and training easy. This institute allows the students to study in a properly equipped and conducive environment to enhance learning. It prepares the students for different placement opportunities and also offers placements. It ensures that students get desired placement possibilities.


Since all educational establishments are closed due to COVID-19, it has led to the increased demand of e-learning platforms. Golden Light VLSI also provides online classes to the students. The staff and the trainers have made online learning very convenient for the trainees so that they can attend online classes regularly without any hindrance. These online platforms ensure flexibility of learning without any difficulty to the trainers and the trainees. Thus, students do not have to step outside their house and gain the necessary knowledge by staying safe at their place. This way, they can use the lock down period wisely.


Some of the features of the Golden Light Solutions are as follows:


  • It offers courses designed and endorsed by reputed experts as per the latest trends of the industry.
  • It immediately implements the curriculum as per the changes in the industry.
  • It allows the students to have access to the latest EDA tools, which are practiced in the industry with individual licenses.
  • It enables the trainees to access the lab through a VPN at any time as per their comfort.
  • It has highly qualified trainers who are passionate about delivering knowledge to the trainees right from the starting day.
  • It ensures that a senior consultant provides a session either online or offline to upgrade the knowledge of the students.
  • It offers a flexible training program and ensures that the schedule of the program fits with the timing and requirement of the candidate.
  • It adjusts according to the trainees and provides assistance in making appropriate choices for better future prospects.


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